Sunday, August 29, 2021

How to restore access on Pansaka website

 First of all visit website then click on "Forgot your password?" you will screen like this one:

Pansaka restore password

You will see screen like this one:

Pansaka user ID restore

So first what you need to receive is USER ID so click on: "Forgot User ID"

In next window you should enter your e-mail what you have use in Panter Trade website:

Pansaka e-mail

Click on "SEND USER ID" and check your e-mail: Inbox and Spam folders.
So in that e-mail you should find your User Id. Ones done go back to Pansaka Website and Restore Your Password by entering your User ID:

Pansaka 2 steps

Finally go Back to your e-mail and locate e-mail with Password Reset from Pansaka. If this e-mail located in Spam folder - Open it and check if link is visible. If link is not visible mark this e-mail safe:

Report Safe

And finally confirm in order to see your password restore link:

Report Not Phishing Message

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