Sunday, May 3, 2020

Affiliate marketing for beginners

Everyone show how to create landing page or product page but nobody not show their secret methods on how to get visitors to click on your affiliate links. In this video tutorial I demonstrate step by step on how to create product page in fast way.

As well I show all affiliate programs where I participate. You will learn how affiliate marketing works in 2020. And the best part you will learn how to setup Google ads in order to promote your affiliate products! 

For any questions regarding affiliate marketing for beginners [Full Course ✔] please comment under this video and I will try to help you!

Video Navigation: 00:40 What Instruments I'm using 03:00 How I affiliate create product page 04:30 Adding Keywords to affiliate product page 08:40 Creating affiliate link (deep link) to product page 13:27 How to send traffic to your affiliate link

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