Sunday, March 1, 2020

Is it worth it driving for Uber?

There are many mobile apps like Uber, Lyft or Bold, Yandex what offer car riding. So if you have valid driving license you can download such app and start offer taxy service. One day I decide to test how much you can earn by using such apps.

So I spend 7 days and was driving every day for 10-13 hours. And here what I received during this week:

821.5 euro Sounds good? Yep specially when average salary in my country is 1000-1200 euro in 1 month you can make 3000+ euro But it's not clean profit :)

So here how it looks like if we deduct Bold app commission:

So this is exact amount what I receive for 1 week driving without fuel cost. So next question how much I spend on fuel? I bought economic car VW Passat B6 for this test. So it's 2.0 Disel and it charge 6.7 Liters per 100 km.

Here how it looks like:

It's 2007 old car and it cost me 3500 euro to buy it. I thing this car is perfect or taxy. There are a lot of space for passengers and baggage. For 1 week I spend 120 euro on petrol.

So clean amount what I have received is 538 euro. If you will work 1 month like this you can earn around 2000 euro. I have done some research and what I have found that average amount what taxy driver receive in every country is 8-10 euro per hour. And that sounds to be true.. You can earn even more if you will work on Fridays and  Saturdays. Usually in this days you can make x1.5 more then in any other day. 

What I really like here that you can control your work hours by your self. As well you take your laptop and do other work for example freelancing while waiting new taxy order.

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