Sunday, March 15, 2020

How to stop WordPress spam emails

WordPress spam e-mail in comment section or fake registration profiles or by using your contact forms - this is something that drive crazy every developer :)
I spend few days and found perfect combination what totally stop all spam messages for my website.
Here is detailed tutorial:

What really helped me was: Mailgun service and CleanTalk both services are free to use. But have some premium features in case if you would like to upgrade them.. and make them work even better.
This is really working method what I have found. Simply download and activate plugin: cleantalk on your WordPress website.
After that activate your api code what you should receive on your e-mail. After that you are ready to use this spam protection plugin.
Need to switch spam firewall and check your basic settings then all should be fine and will protect your website. You can also visit their cleantalk dashboard and check all statistic for your website.
Hope this helps!

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