Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How to Make Money on Twitter

Interested to run your own profitable home business?

It's not a secret that if your business will run 24/7 on autopilot you can become billionaire. But hard thing here is process automation. So let's say you have online book or online service or even product what you would like to promote.. You can can use your Twitter account to make it tweeting automatically and promote your business.

Well there is way on how you can start doing this just check this YouTube video:

Manage a Twitter account, check status updates, manage followers, reply to mentions and posts, re tweet important posts, tweet blog posts or an RSS feed; Use Twitter bot to Promote Affiliate Products, Affiliate Links.
Udemy Coupon

Are you interested to learn more about twitter marketing? Well I have good new for you: This course on how to create your own Twitter Bot is uploaded on Udemy.

You can visit Udemy and use this Udemy Coupon Code: TWITTERMAKEMONEY
Make sure to copy it and paste it in field what you see on picture below:
Udemy Coupon 2020

After this simple action you will be able to watch this course on Udemy free of charge.

So I spend some time and created my own Twitter Bot and include affiliate links in every tweet what it was sending to people.

During test – My Twitter Bot application generates me in average $61,45/week  on auto pilot! Without any single click on mouse! So I spend 1 hour to create it and that's all now it's working by him self and no future actions required from me.
Now I want to setup such bot to promote more affiliate products from ClickBank in order to generate even more profit… At moment I’m running only 3 twitter marketing auto bot. BUT! I can multiply them!
Just imagine 100 bots running same time and generating in average $6145 per week or $24 580/month or $294 960 /year  – Not Bad!

*It's important to remember, however, that this is a projection, not guaranteed income

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