Tuesday, March 17, 2020

How to make money as a Forex affiliate

First of all Yes that is possible. And here is my story:
I remember those days when I was learning Forex Trading but every time when I was trying new strategy I was losing my money again and again. There is no good or bad Forex strategy. The main problem why strategy stop working is because market condition changes and instant of getting profits you are start losing your trading balance.
So after doing constant experiments with trading strategies I have created strategy called: Profitable Forex with Risk Control. The main idea here is:
Trader do not care where market goes up or down you are getting small portion of profit. It’s hard to explain so this why I have recorded video tutorial and uploaded it to Udemy. So if you are interested in details how it works you can visit their website and learn more about it.
But even my strategy what I have created can lose your trading balance if you will ignore money management. Just count how much 1 pips will cost you and how much money you need when you are increasing lot size or opening one more position. For my self I have created Excel sheet with such calculations:

Every time when I want to open one more trade I keep in front of my eyes this list with calculations.. I see how big risk will be involved for my deposit and potential profit what I can get. I also recommend to calculate your maximum total position size what you are ready to open. For example:
My Trading deposit not so big and I have calculated that 0.5 lot it’s maximum what I can open. But it does not mean that I should open such trade by using 1 order. I usually split 0.5 lot to ~20–30 orders and open every order at better price until reach 0.5 lot.
So you can use such trading strategy together with affiliate program if your broker has one.
Even if you will close all trades without profit you will get good income from affiliate commission. By using this strategy you can close all trades without lose it’s 100%. If you will have 5 000 euro deposit you can easily make 300–500 euro in affiliate commission.
Hope this helps!

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