Sunday, March 8, 2020

How much do you make on average by day trading?

Was starting as Day Trader on Forex and now I have 10–20 trades per day only.. In average Day Trading brings me $100–$300 per day. Biggest what I was able to get $500 in single day.. But it can be even more profitable if you have bigger starting capital..
But in reality if you have bigger starting capital then you will move from day trading to long term investor… it’s easier, less stressful and brings even more money.
Almost all people start Day Trading when they try Forex Trading… This happens because almost everyone want to see instant results :) But without experience you can see only instant loses :)
Day trading sounds cool but in reality if your deposit is small enough you will get a lot of stress.
I also get a lot of questions show me how your working place looks like…. Not sure what people expect to see there lol..
Anyway here I’m trading… Only got laptop and 3 penguins no trading screens :)

Let me show you one trading day as a day trader here is my trading day for 29.05.2018 I was trading this day intraday only…
Now my capital grows and I trade with not so many deals.. And focus on long term.
So here how it looks like:
Gross P/L - It’s profit for the day
Commission - how much I was charge for the trade

Do you thing this is all :) I just can’t capture whole screen here are more trades for same day lol :)
The day not over so I was trading and trading…
And finally:
So let’s calculate:
  • Profit for the day: $110.99
  • Commission for the day: -$10.99
  • Money what I made for the day: $100
  • Total trades made: 136 - not bad :) My record was 500 trades in single day!
And I’m not sure if this worth to spend your time and efforts for Day Trading if your capital is to small…
As you can see I made 136 manual trades! I was so psychologically tired I thing people who work on factory work less lol :)
So when my account grow up I start less trading… Sometimes I miss this days and open trading terminal and start trading intraday as I was doing it earlier…
About education.. You can start learning with grid trading. This course will help you at least not to lose your money. And if you will be patient you will get amazing results.
Remember the more starting capital you have on your trading balance the less you will trade and the bigger income you will get.
Good luck in trading!

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