Saturday, March 7, 2020

How many years did it take to find your strategy in trading?

I spend 10 years of my life and lost a lot before I start trading in profit. I found good strategy 7 years ago what bring me 30x times more then I invest…
For example in 1 month I was able to make from $1 000 ->>> $30 000 but I had big problem with risk control so I was keep losing all money again and again. Later I learn at least not losing my invested amount… Then I quit trading and moved to telecommunications business. I was generating huge income in telecommunications but my partners created scam scheme and scammed me on $900k and I didn’t have any choose so decide to close everything..
After that something changed in my mind and I understand that my biggest problem in my life is risk control… I’m able to generate huge income but not able to control this assets.. SO I learn money management and return back to Forex.
At moment I’m trading currency every day. I close in average 10–20 trades daily(all in profit). Not losing capital and growing every day. In average I make 10% per month without risk of losing my capital. As well I have created own affiliate web store what bring passive income. As I always need to do something.. trading become boring :) but it’s super profitable.
Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm
By they way if you want to learn more about my strategy you can read more here: Profitable Forex with Risk Control

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