Monday, March 2, 2020

How do people make so much money on the ClickBank?

You should start doing Affiliate marketing arbitrage. ClickBank is perfect marketplace for this.
Affiliate marketing arbitrage is when a marketer purchases ppc campaigns with programs such as adwords and makes affiliate sales simply by linking to affiliate offers… As long as the affiliate sales are higher than your ppc costs you are making profit…
They most hard thing here is to find HOT products for this. And don’t forget about high competition . By they way competition for ClickBank products not so high.
I’m working with Pay Per Sale arbitrage. In average this brings $9000–$15000 . Here is screenshot from my affiliate network:
I work only with Google adwords (now they rename that to Google ads).
I have 3 Google Ads account each account has marketing budget. Usually my marketing expenses are $300–$1000 per month. And this helps me to get results what you see in that screenshot =)
I have already mention all my TOP strategies in My Quora profile so if anyone interested to copy my strategy and results you are always welcome. But take a note: You should work hard at begging. Now I have more then 20k+ ads in Google and doing passive income like this. Also if you are complete beginner if affiliate marketing you should try first clickbank university this is perfect for beginners and for people who already in business but not getting results. As well they provide all tools for successful start.
Hope this little story will help to someone of you;) Remember anyone can do this - just take fist step.

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