Sunday, March 8, 2020

How do I make money using a laptop?

2 ways how you can get big money without spending to much of your time:
  1. Start doing arbitrage:
  2. Start Day Trading on Forex;
About arbitrage: process when you buy products or service for example at $50 and selling it for more then $50… Key to success here:
You should list tons of products on your website and sell them via digital marketing - online.
If you will check my profile I show how to use Google Editor to list 10k + products online in Google ads.
Just imagine you list 10k+ products what you do not have :) and when somebody click on my Google ad they are redirected to company website what I’m promoting.. SO if they will buy you will get commission. Process is really simple and anyone can copy this system.
At moment my statistic is following: I spend$50 in Google Ads and here is screenshot of earnings for few days:

As you can see I turn this $50 to $1k+ So this Google Arbitrage strategy is really simply just takes some time to setup all things..

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