Saturday, March 21, 2020

fiverr review

Fiverr it's digital marketplace where any person can register as seller and buyer. As seller you can create listing with your service description and start accepting orders.
Minimum order price is $5 called GIG. So 1 gig it's $5. And with basic account you can list 7 services and maximum custom offer as I remember $5,000 if your seller account will have order history your account will be automatically upgraded.  Every seller got badge what is displayed on their fiverr profile image:

Fiverr level
Great customer satisfaction, on-time delivery and high quality service will earn you a new Fiverr status and benefits. 

So the most popular question what I receive: 

How much do you make on Fiverr?

Here is screenshot from my Fiverr account:
Fiverr earnings

As you can see it's possible to make living by selling your services on Fiverr. Here is more details on how exactly I made $15k+ on Fiverr:

If you are new to Fiver I recommend you to register here and list your service. Just open their website and check what other people offer and try to do same if you have skills in that field. When you will receive your first order you should understand basics on how to use fiverr I recommend you to check this video where you will learn

How to deliver gigs on Fiverr easy to follow tutorial:

So when you will deliver your fist gig on Fiverr the buyer will have 2 options: request modifications or accept your work and then seller and buyer will be able to leave review.

How to put review on Fiverr:

But what to do if you want to charge customer for custom work or little bit more then your gig is. For example your gig price is $35 and you want to charge your customer for $44. There is option called: "Send Custom Order". Here is step by step tutorial:

If you want to try your self on Fiverr click button below and open your free account:

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