Monday, March 2, 2020

Does CPA marketing really make money?

CPA - means cost per action.
So company will pay you when you will send website traffic to their link. When user complete action on their website you will get commission.
Action can be differentregistration, visit, if visitor leave his details or complete payment…
Actually i’m promoting different offers CPA as well but mostly promote affiliate links and get paid after visitor buys products.
Here how my working place looks like :)

And here is what I do in order to drive sales:
I register a website and joined: Rakuten Linkshare and Shareasale ->> This companies provide website what you can promote and get commission from every sale. By the way they have CPA offers as well.
So I have take around 20 000 products and import them to my website.
This can be done automatically detailed step by step instruction can be found in my profile.
So when this is completed - >> Now you should import all this product pages what you have created to Google. But many of you will ask me:
How to import 20k product pages in Google? It will take ages…
Take it easy guys :) You need to use free tool what provide Google you can read more about it just search in google: Google editor
Now it’s the most hard part we need to learn little bit how this software is working and how to get all links from your website.. You can do all by your self but if you are lazy enough you can check this detailed tutorial and learn step by step how all process works ->> Just visit my profile and click on: Affiliate Marketing with Google Editor
After completing this steps you will be able to get results like this:

Of course it takes some time to buy domain and complete all setup. But it’s worth to spend your time on project like this! Specially when you have all tools for that.
The most important: When you have listed all products on your website and added them in Google ads you will start getting passive income ->>> Because the only work what you should in future its control your marketing balance in Google ads and top up if it’s run over..

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