Saturday, March 7, 2020

Does affiliate marketing still work in 2020

The biggest problem in affiliate marketing is NOT competition BUT Vendors policy… What they can do is : cut your commission rate %
Same happens to me…
I was promoting Udemy courses via their affiliate program and they cut affiliate commission rate from 40% to 20% and now it’s only 15%…
So this means earnings drops almost 3 times!
Another program what I was promoting Nest Bedding - > They act same.. My commission for every sale was 12% with potential grow up to 15% and guess what.. When I spend to much of my time to create quality content on my niche website they drops commission till 8%… And after some time like 2–3 months they drop it again and no affiliate commission is only 3%
The worst thing that many affiliate vendors do not care about you and cut commission % without letting know.

So what I can say… Affiliate Marketing still works and it will continue to works.
Just thing how to automate everything… Otherwise you will spend your time and will get 0 result because some unfair vendor will cut your commission.
And even better: if you will create your own product and start promoting it online. This will be even profitable and you will be only one person who controls your business.

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