Saturday, March 14, 2020

Affiliate Marketing using Facebook

You should use direct marketing strategy you can learn in details here: direct marketing.
I personally tested all this marketing tricks and strategies and what I can say affiliate marketing it’s huge potential of earnings!
In short this strategy works like this: Join Rakuten Marketing Network here is step by step tutorial
After that in your Dashboard select companies what you would like to promote. Check carefully if Affiliate company allow to use Direct Linking.
Because not all companies allow to use this strategy. So if company allows - join it. When they will approve your application you will be able to get started:
  1. Generate deep link to a product (affiliate link)
  2. Start joining Facebook groups - the most important here is to find active groups.
  3. Start posting your deep links. Also you can created posts by including your deep link and bump this post by using paid Facebook ads
Here is an example of direct marketing strategy:

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