Friday, February 14, 2020

Profitable Forex with Risk Control

How I get Profit on Forex Without Predicting The Market

Forex Course

Money Management is key to profitable trading in Forex.
Special for this course I have open Live Trading account. Starting deposing was only 100 euro. At this time if I will close all positions my balance will be 3000 euro. As you can see it is possible to start trading on Forex even if your deposit is to small.
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Please Note: All Udemy students who enrolled to my Forex trading course are able to see my Forex trading live account stats. Usually I post updates of my account equity change 1-2 times per month.   
My experience in Forex trading: 10+ years. I have tested many strategies, schemes... And what I have learned:
Even the best strategy in the world won’t be of much help if you don’t take care about:
  1. Your risk per trade
  2. Reward-to-risk ratios
  3. Don’t use stop-loss orders
  4. Trade too aggressively.
So in this course I will explain Money Management That Actually Works in Forex!   
If you are losing money on Forex and continue to search profitable strategy then STOP! And ask your self just one question:
How brokers are making money? They do not care if you close order in profit or if you will lose - they will be always in profit because they take commission from every order you and others traders open.
So for me this words was a key to create profitable strategy. It works simple and can be used in long term trading or if you are intraday trader you can use that as well. Strategy is good for day trading and for long term investments.
As well if you are interested in algorithmic trading you can use your skills or hire someone to create Forex robot what will use my strategy to automate trading.
Course can be dividend on 2 parts: First I provide theory information by using slides, explain how everything works here. And second part I demonstrate my trading activity in real time.

Before you will start trading:

Who this course is for:
  • People who wants to get into Forex Trading
  • Anyone who is looking for PROOF that Forex Trading can actually earn you money
  • People who wants to brush up on their Forex knowledge and fill in the missing gaps
  • Anyone who want to become day trader or Long terms trader

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