Sunday, February 23, 2020

My Forex Success Story after 10 years

I started when I was 18 years old. Without any knowledge I made 20k from 5k USD.. But guess what I lost all when started increasing position when price goes against me. So huge trend killed my deposit.
Then I started to learn technical and fundamental analysis. I have all this education but I keep losing even more.. I always asking myself same question: “What the hell is happening…How I can lose again and again If I already got this skills…”
I was searching every day for profitable strategy, readying forums… All this strategies where working on period of time. And I was losing again and again.
So 5 years passed…
After that I created my own strategy where I do not care on market situation… means if price goes up or down I always stay in profit. But it’s losing on big trends.
This strategy is super powerful.. Even with small starting balance I was able to make tons of money. For example my starting balance was $1000 and in 1 month I made $30 000. But I was not able to control risks and in results I keep losing all profit. But at least I was able to stop my self in order to not lose my starting balance… So I was generating huge profits but I was not able to save it.
Guess what idea I created: I know that I can create volume of trades but in results I will always lose… and broker always receive commission from my trades so I joined affiliate program in order to get part of brokers commission..
So next 2 years I was trading like this: I was trying to make more money from small starting balance, my deposit growing till $10–$30k and results was same..losing profit BUT:) getting around $800 back in affiliate commission.
When I spend 8 years in trading something changes in my mind.. I thing I become older :) I stopped trading to aggressively and focused on long term..
Thing what was always killing my deposit was: a wish to make more money.. and this why I was using to much leverage, opening big lot size… And when you have big lot size or huge position already - when all goes against you - then trader not able to control his emotions.. that makes situation even worse.
Now I make 10% per month in average or 100–120% per year. Everything is stable and Forex trading for me it’s something usual.. same as car driving.
Advise what I can give after spending 10 years of my live in Forex trading: First thing what you should learn is Money Management and Risk control. After that create own trading strategy. Always follow Money Management and your system. Every trade what you open - you should able to explain your self - why you open this trade at this price. Be constant and remove emotions in trading. If not able to handle with emotions - trade with minimum lot to practice.
I hope this story will help to someone. Also posted on Quora

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