Saturday, February 29, 2020

How I made 1000 euro by selling garden chairs

Well it was weekends and I was on holidays. So was boring day and I was watching different videos on YouTube about retail arbitrage. I was inspired with one video where one man made $10k+ by reselling board games: Monopoly. So in brief: he visit Tesco and bought around 300+ board games at discounted price and then sold them with 40-50% mark up. So it was really easy money because there where Christmas holidays and everyone was buying presents on amazon and ebay.

So I decide to try something similar but I was not sure on what product to promote. To get an idea I visit few local shops what are selling products for home and garden. And it was almost September and a lot of shops in my area started to sell products at discounted prices. 

For example check this out what I have found:

As you can see from the photo original price was: 269 euro and they are selling it for 96 euro
By the way it was made from metal. Chairs and table are high quality. So I made few pictures of this product and listed it on Facebook Marketplace for 196 euro. People where interested but many of them wanted to visit personally and see product.. The biggest problem was that this product even not belong to me. It was located in shop lol :) So I decide to reduce price and listed this product for 150 euro. As well I noticed that some people require delivery as well so I mention in my listing that I can deliver it for 25 euro where 5 euro fuel cost and 20 euro will be my profit :)

So this how I sold my first item on Facebook Marketplace. Finally I got my first customer and he bought table and chairs for 150 euro + 25 euro delivery.

So my total profit from 1 sale was: 150 euro - 96 euro = 54 euro + 20 euro profit from delivery. SO I received 74 euro for just selling 1 item.

In next few days my listing received around 1000-1300 views and I received aprx. 80 messages from potential buyers.

In results I sold 15 products and made more then  +1 000 euro in just 1 week. I was keep receiving messages from potential buyers but this product was already sold in a shop where I found it..

Then I figure out that the more products I can offer the more profit I can make.. But this is another story :)

P.S: Did you know you can resell products like me even without visiting shops? Yes all possible to do online! If interested you can read more about my Google Editor Strategy

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