Sunday, February 16, 2020

How do I earn money and get paid from Pinterest

I made $80K + from Affiliate Marketing and Google Ads strategy. Pinterest was just a kick start for this… In brief if you want to make tons of money by using Pinterest you should create website… better online store!
And next what you should do is add there as many as possible products!
You will ask me how many products? Well I have added around 20 000 products!
And the most interesting I do not manufacture them… or even not buying them to resell in future…
What I have done is:
I have registered in Shareasale Network and added my website there.. After than I have apply to join different online stores to their affiliate program… And simply take their products in Excel and imported to my website… If interested on how to do this - check my Quora profile I have all links included in bio ;)
Here is what I have made:

Interested to learn more about Pinterest? Check this free course on Skillshare

$80K + bro in a single month!
So when I got website with more then 20k+ products I have added social widget what looks like this:
So this social widget was displayed on every product page! So after that I have used small trick in order to share all this products to Pinterest and other social media accounts:
I have created robot what will copy links from my notepad.. so robot visit every product page and click on this social icon: Pinterest…
Then automatically save this to my Pinterest Board:
So this method helped me to gain social explosion :)
I started to receive traffic from pinterest:
Same I have done for twitter and facebook :)
And was able to multiply everything…
And finally I have added all this products by using my Google ads strategy to Google ads account… And all this products where displayed for potential users … Average Price per click was 0.04 usd … I spend around 5k USD on Ads in single month and I turn back in $80k+ profit..
So I hope this story inspired you:)

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