Sunday, November 1, 2020

How to Fix Sound Issues on Windows 10

Your system's sounds may be low in volume or not have any sound at all. This tutorial will help you resolve sound issues with your Windows 10 system.

1) Select Playback Device

You may wish to verify which playback device your computer is using if you can't hear sound from your speakers, or if you simply wish to change output to another device like a headset.

1. Left-click the speaker icon.

speaker icon windows 10

2. Click the arrow.

click the arrow in win 10

3. Select your preferred playback device.

select playback device

4. Make sure your correct playback device is selected.

2. Speakers

1. If you have a set of external speakers, ensure the power is on.
2. Set the volume mid-way. Speakers should be ON and the volume high enough to be heard.

sound speaker
3. If you are using a desktop PC, check the back to ensure the speakers are plugged in correctly. The default jack is normally colored light-green. Surround sound speakers and sub-woofers will be color coded. Match up the colored cable with the appropriate jack.

sound jack

3. Audio Levels

1. Opening the volume slider found near the time and date.

volume slider

2. Set the level of the audio by moving the slider.

audio level

3. You can also set specific audio levels for each application:
  • For touch-screen, long-press the volume icon.
  • For mouse users, right-click on the volume icon.
volume slider

4. Select Open Volume Mixer.
volume mixer

5. You can set each application's audio level from here.

app volume level

6. The Control Panel Route.

Hit the Windows key, type “Control Panel” in the taskbar’s search field, and select the Control Panel desktop app in the results. Next, select “Hardware and Sound” on the main Control Panel menu, followed by “Sound” on the next panel.

Hardware and sound menu in control panel Windows 10

The Sound pop-up window appears on the screen. Make sure your audio device is set as default. If not, single-click on the device listing to select and then click the “Set Default” button. Next, click the “OK” button to finish.

Set to default sound settings in Windows 10

Run the Troubleshooter

Windows 10 offers a built-in troubleshooter that scans the system and offers potential fixes.

Press the Windows key, type “Audio” in the taskbar’s search field, and select “Find and Fix Problems with Playing Sound” in the results. This opens a troubleshooter in the Control Panel.

find and fix problems with playing sound

You can also access this troubleshooter by going to Start > Settings > System > Sound > Troubleshoot.

After the troubleshooter scans for audio devices, select the device you want to troubleshoot and click the “Next” button.

Playing audio on Windows 10

Windows 10 scans for issues. Follow any available directions to resolve your audio problems.

Did this tutorial solved your problem? If you still don't have sound on your Windows 10 you should try to update your sound driver.

Monday, August 24, 2020

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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Affiliate marketing for beginners

Everyone show how to create landing page or product page but nobody not show their secret methods on how to get visitors to click on your affiliate links. In this video tutorial I demonstrate step by step on how to create product page in fast way.

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Video Navigation: 00:40 What Instruments I'm using 03:00 How I affiliate create product page 04:30 Adding Keywords to affiliate product page 08:40 Creating affiliate link (deep link) to product page 13:27 How to send traffic to your affiliate link

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Friday, May 1, 2020

The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course

Learn Excel VBA from Scratch with Dan Strong, Bestselling Excel Expert with Over 180K Students Worldwide!
The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course Preview

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Microsoft Office is everywhere, installed on over 750 million computers, but most users only know how to set up a basic table or maybe even do a few formulas here and there.

In my course, I teach you how to take Excel by the horns and make it do whatever you want, whenever you want. It can go through loads of information and create a printable report for you. You can make custom forms so that you can access, analyze, edit, or add new information quickly to your data tables/ worksheets.

Excel programming utilizes a simple but effective tool called "VBA" - the hidden programming language that runs quietly in the background while you work. It’s very easy and straight-forward to use.

I'll show you the easiest tricks to learn this basic language in a fun, progressive method. Learn at your own pace. With each of my short, info-packed lectures, you'll learn another essential skill that you can immediately use. You'll find yourself handling these Automation tools instantly and in any spreadsheet you already use every day. If there's one thing I'm good at - and my students are good at - it's AUTOMATION.

The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course Review

Really great course that covers everything I needed to get started with the Excel VBA.

The practice questions and projects helped me think about what I had learnt and how to apply it.

The course did feel a little repetitive with the F8 step function being used for functions that were explained in detail in previous lectures, however it still provided insight for those that needed it.

Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath

Perfect course what you can find on Udemy. The introduction/overview is free, the first two modules are free, the introduction of every other module is free, one additional lecture is free and the annexes are free: a total of 5 hours of free preview content!

Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath

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I am working through this course for a second time and I am still amazed at the level of detail presented here. XSLT has been tough for me to understand because it is different from the procedural programming languages that I know. I generally learn well from books, but this course has really opened my understanding of XSLT. Ken really knows XSLT and presents the materials well. You are not just getting an overview, but a thorough knowledge of the language. I just completed a paid XSLT job for a client using techniques from this course. I highly recommend it.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Sony VAIO Drivers Download and Install for Windows - 2020 Tips

This post will show you how to download and install Sony VAIO drivers in your computer computer or laptop.

If your Sony hardware device in your computer or laptop not working, or if you want to keep your Sony device in good condition, you should consider updating your Sony VAIO drivers to the latest version.

How to download or update Sony VAIO drivers?

You can manually download the Sony VAIO driver from Sony support website. Here’s how to do it:

Go to Sony eSupport page.

Search your hardware device:

search sony driver

You need to enter you device model number. So How to Find Your Model Number?

The model number is listed on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop. In this case, it is called Product name, as shown here.
service tag

For laptop computers released 2009:

Note 1: If you own a configured-to-order laptop:
For configured-to-order or built-to-order laptops, the full model number is located on a sticker on the bottom of the computer.

Note 2: If your laptop was not configured-to-order
The full model number is not located on the case of the computer. Use one of the methods to find it:

Method 1:

Click the Start button and then click All Programs.
In the All Programs menu, click the VAIO Care folder.
Click VAIO Care.
The model number is displayed in the bottom of the VAIO Care window.
(e.g., VGN-FW550F)
model name
Method 2:

  1. Click the Start button, then click My Computer.
  2. Click Local Disc C:. Next click Windows.
  3. Click the file named Model or Model.txt*.
  4. The file will show the model number. (e.g., VGN-FW550F)

Note: If this file is blank, look for a second file with the same name and open that file
model name in txt
For laptops released between Fall 2000 and Spring 2009:
The model number is located on a small label located on the frame around the computer screen. (e.g., VGN-FW550F)
model name location

When you have found out your device model number follow next step:

Find the device that you want to download the driver for, and select the correct operating system.

sony download center

Download and install the driver in your computer.
Future help required?
Go to this video and leave comment, I will try to help you.